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It’s no secret that condo boards are feeling the pressure from the current real estate market to make their buildings’ lobbies, hallways, and common areas as attractive as possible. Owners who plan on selling a unit are very aware of the impact that these spaces have on overall market value. With housing prices at an all-time high, buyers are more discerning than ever and begin making judgements as soon as they enter a building. Any sign of worn carpets, chipped paint, old-fashioned wallpaper or dated furniture is a definite turnoff to any potential buyer. Shabby, threadbare, or painfully dated common areas can hurt overall property values and send the wrong message about how your condominium is maintained and cared for.

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A freshly refurbished grand entrance and beautiful common areas that give owners bragging rights and buyers that wow factor are university popular. If it’s time for a change, reimagining your building’s lobby offers a great opportunity to make a high-impact statement and hint at the value of what’s inside.

Our exclusive condominium refurbishing services include:

  • A tailored Feasibility Study that will analyze building codes and zoning bylaws to better understand project possibilities.
  • An in-depth design process which will take into account aesthetic vision, style preferences, and so much more to maximize the market value for condo owners.
  • Architectural drawings for permit submission including surveys, site plans, floor plans, elevations, and 3D renderings
  • Liaison services including applications to the Committee of Adjustments, communication with the building department, and experienced representation at the Committee of Adjustments hearing.
  • All reviews and approvals of zoning, site plan, structural, HVAC, surveys, and permit procurement.
  • Full-service interior design, material, and specifications.
  • Mood board
  • Elemental budget provided by third-party estimating company
  • Timeline schedule
  • In person presentation meeting
Georgian Design Concept Lounge
Condominium Common Area Refurbishing
Condominium Common Area Refurbishing
Condominium Common Area Refurbishing
Condominium Common Area Refurbishing

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