Top 5 Design Trends You’ll See in Toronto this Year

If an interior glow-up is at the top of your renovation to-do list this summer, then you’ve probably had your eye on some of the latest design trends that have emerged in 2024. From fresh colour palettes and bold materials to the latest green technology and new uses for existing spaces, there’s a lot to love in home design right now. Looking for inspiration? Here are five trends our team can’t stop thinking about:

  1. Warmer Colour Palettes: Gone are stark white and cool grey tones that have dominated interiors for years. There is now a shift towards warm, earthy palettes of browns, greens, muted reds and oranges, and deep wood tones.

    Why We Love It: These natural, elemental colours and materials give a soft and inviting feel to a space that just makes you want to sink in and connect. These palettes are also a great way to draw nature in for a seamless flow between outdoor and indoor living spaces.

  2. Green and Electric Solutions: There’s no doubt that the future is electric, and we are here for it. Lately, there has been an influx of green and electric alternatives for homeowners to incorporate in their space as they try to live more sustainably.

    Why We Love It: This trend is more than a passing fad—it’s a lifestyle shift that will soon become the norm. Preparing now for an electric future by adding features to your home like electric car charging ports, conduits for future solar panels and battery systems, electric appliances which will soon replace their gas counterparts, and generators to keep homes running smoothly in the face of inconsistent weather and market conditions means you’ll be ready for whatever the future might bring.

  3. Lifestyle-Based Kitchen and Bathroom Trends: Whether you love socializing with family and friends or taking some much-needed “me time,” your home should accommodate your lifestyle. In kitchen design lately, we’ve seen families favouring spaces that are made for entertaining with large dining tables, extra seating around islands, and wow-worthy extras like beverage bars. In contrast, bathroom renovations are trending towards spa-like, relaxing environments that give homeowners a quiet spot to unwind after a busy day.|

    Why We Love It: At Georgian, we have always believed that your home should fit your lifestyle. All too often, homeowners compromise their needs by putting off renovations that would make everyday life so much better. Tailoring your space to support, well, you, is a trend that’s been a long time coming.

  4. Home Offices and Flex Spaces: One major pandemic-era lifestyle change that isn’t going away is the shift to remote work. While families across the country found creative ways to add makeshift workspaces to their homes in 2020, it’s definitely now time to upgrade to a designated space that was built for Zoom calls, girl bosses, and the daily grind. But if adding square footage isn’t an option, there are some great options for well-planned multi-use spaces.

    Why We Love It: This is yet another renovation trend that will hold its value for years to come, and we are loving the longevity and value that a home office or a multi-use space brings.

  5. Statement Materials: Out with the boring white subway tile and uninspired countertops and in with statement stone, bold backsplashes, and luxurious materials. From kitchens to bathrooms, the luxe aesthetic is hitting every surface available, and the results are absolutely stunning.

    Why We Love It: At Georgian, we are always in favour of injecting luxury and beauty into the everyday spaces we design for homeowners like you. Luxe materials add visual interest and are an easy way to instantly upgrade your space.

No matter which trend you’re ready to incorporate into your next home transformation project, Georgian’s design team is here to help. Get started by scheduling a consultation today with our experts to explore the different ways you can upgrade your space.