How a Design Build Firm Can Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Your bathroom is where you start and end your day, so it’s important that it fits your needs. By hiring a knowledgeable design build firm, you can get a bigger bathroom without expanding your home in Canada. Take a look at the different aspects that can make this room feel bigger.

Floating Vanity

Instead of getting new cabinets that take up a ton of space, you should get floating vanities that have empty space below them. Since these vanities aren’t on the floor and have this open space below it, it makes the room look bigger. With a bunch of different styles and materials you can choose from, you can get an installation that fits your home’s aesthetics.

Glass Shower

By replacing your current bathtub or shower with frameless shower doors, you’ll be able to see the walls and floors you couldn’t before. Doing this during your bathroom renovation will make the room look larger and add the illusion that you have more space. They also are a modern addition that homeowners enjoy.


Did you know that the lighting in any room is important? The more light there is, the bigger the space will feel. It’s also important that you have good lighting in the right places. From vanity lighting to overhead lighting, you can ensure there’s enough to make the room feel larger.

Along with artificial light, installing windows or a skylight in the room to get natural light is a great idea. This natural light can actually extend the space visually. When you look toward the window, it will make the space look bigger since you’re seeing past the exterior wall.

Wall Colour

According to Ruby Home, the top two home improvement projects are interior painting and bathroom renovations. Your wall colour can change the feel of any space in your home, especially in your bathroom. You can make it feel a lot bigger by choosing a light colour for the walls. When it’s dark in an already small space, it can make the room feel even smaller.

If you’re interested in making your bathroom feel bigger than it is, then get in touch with our home renovation company today at Georgian Design Build. We offer renovation services to ensure you love your Canadian home and have over 50 years of experience in helping residents in the area get the bathroom they’ve been looking for.