3 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Design Build Firm for Your Custom Home

If you’ve been shopping around for a home for a while, it may be time to consider an alternative. Many home buyers choose to build a custom home for a variety of reasons. According to WIFR News, 60% of home buyers prefer a newly built home over an existing one because they can’t find their perfect space. Here are three signs that it’s time to stop shopping and hire a design build firm for the construction of a custom home.

1. You Can’t Find a Home That Fits Your Lifestyle

The housing market is not what it used to be. Many homes on the market are high in price but lack the square footage, fixtures and finishes, and yard space that many buyers are looking for. While you can renovate a home to fit your lifestyle a little better, nothing beats building a custom home. When you hire a design build firm to build you a custom home, you get to decide on every single detail. This includes the lot size and yard space, the square footage of the house, the number of bedrooms or bathrooms, the fixtures and finishes, and everything in between.

2. You Need Specific Features and Spaces

It’s no secret that people have different needs. For example, you may have a disability and need a wheelchair-accessible home, you could be an athlete who needs space for a home gym, or maybe you’re a high-level executive who needs a dedicated work-from-home office. Whatever your specific needs are, a custom-built home can ensure your needs are accommodated.

3. You’ve Always Wanted a Fully-Customized Home

Have you always dreamed of building your own home? Most people have. After all, building a custom home ensures you get every single detail you want out of it. Luckily, Georgian Design Build offers you the ability to build a custom home without the stress, risks, and challenges of attempting to do it alone. If you’ve always wanted to build a custom home, now is your opportunity.

Sick of shopping around the housing market and ready to build your custom home? Get in touch with our design build firm today. At Georgian Design Build in Toronto, our expert team is ready to work with you from start to finish. We are prepared to offer you a seamless process with a great product.