3 Elements of a Luxury Bathroom Renovation

When you decide to contact a bathroom renovation company, it’s important to remember that it isn’t just about the look, you have a chance to update its core functionality, too. The bathroom doubles as a personal sanctuary for many and was the second most popular area to renovate, as nearly one-third of Canadians are planning renovations. Let’s look at how you can elevate your bathroom into a luxurious space.

1. Spacious Layout

One of the worst feelings you can have is feeling cramped in your space, and oftentimes the bathroom is the smallest room in a house. Being able to transform the area into one with a spacious layout through renovations is incredibly important. An expert in home renovation can guide you to maximizing your space through reconfiguration or additions.

2. High-End Materials

If you truly want to take your bathroom to the next level, then the use of high-end materials is a must. Marble countertops and porcelain tiles combined with high-end fixtures such as new showerheads or faucets can make your bathroom a talking piece. You can opt for luxurious finishes for these fixtures to make them pop even more.

3. Smart Technology

Smart technology in the room may be something you think is unnecessary, but once you try, you won’t be able to go back. Heated floors and toilet seats can make those trips to the bathroom during those cold winter nights much more enjoyable. By using a touchless faucet you can help to save water and reduce the spread of germs. A smart toilet can enhance your everyday hygiene and is adaptable and user-friendly. They can even save space and typically have the ability to clean themselves.

These are just three of several options for your bathroom renovation. If you are looking for the best design-build firm in Canada, then look no further than Georgian Design Build! Feel free to check out our website for a full list of our services, view our previous work, and browse our design guide. We are proud to hold many accreditations and be four times award winners for our design and service expertise. Feel free to reach out today to schedule an initial consultation. Our experts would love to help build you the bathroom you deserve.