4 Practical Ideas for a Basement Remodel

Do you love your home but could benefit from some additional space for your family? You’re not alone. Many people are investing in professional home renovations for additional space, including basement remodeling services. This may be because a basement remodel offers a 70% return on your investment, according to HomeLight. If you’re thinking about investing in a basement remodel, then here are four practical ideas to consider.

A Kid’s Playroom

Are you sick of picking up your kids’ toys in your family room? Perhaps transforming your basement into a beautiful kids’ playroom would benefit your family! Such room renovations may include adding soft carpeting, wall shelving, a TV mount, a mural, and more. The design build firm you hire can help you determine the best layout so your kids can play safely and keep their toys organized.

A Home Gym

Is hitting the gym after work taking too much time out of your day? Do you like exercising in private? Consider turning your basement into a peaceful home gym you can use whenever you’d like! Apartment Therapy reports that 72% of people prefer home gyms over memberships. With proper insulation, flooring, and equipment, you’d be surprised just how comfortable your new home gym can be for everyone in your family.

A Laundry Room

Are your washer and dryer currently cramped in one of your bathrooms? Perhaps you’ve been dreaming about having a designated laundry room but don’t have the space. With a transformative basement remodel, our design build team in Toronto can create a tranquil space for you to wash, fold, and hang up your clothing!

A Craft Room

Do you enjoy sewing and painting? Do your kids enjoy making jewelry and coloring pictures of their favorite cartoon characters? You may need a space for all your craft supplies, which is where a basement remodel can help. Such room renovations may include hardwood flooring, colorful storage for your craft supplies, comfortable seating and tables, and more. Everyone in your family can use this space to get creative!

As you can see, there are many ways to practically utilize a remodeled basement. When you’re ready to hire the top Toronto design build firm to transform your basement, contact Georgian Design Build. We are eager to get started!