What Happens During a Design Build Construction Consultation?

Ready for your home remodeling project? Your design build construction team will likely schedule a consultation soon after you enlist their services. Here’s what you can expect to be covered during that consultation.

Discuss Your Vision for Your Home

This is the most important step in any renovation project. You want to work with your designer to bring your ideas to life. Sometimes it can be difficult to put your vision into words. Your designer will provide visual clues to help you determine and articulate what you want and what you’d like to avoid. Prior to this appointment, take some time to tour your home. You’ll want to make note of the elements that you love, and the things you’d like to change. This will help your designer get a stronger sense of how you want your home to look.

Establish Timeline

Once the plan has been decided on and your designer knows how to create your vision, the project will begin. The design build contractors of your choosing will start obtaining materials required to complete your project. In this stage of the process, you’ll establish a timeline that works with your schedule and accommodates any timing needs. Decide which parts of the home you want to tackle first. This is also when you’ll alert your design build construction team of any vacations you may have planned, or other events they’ll need to work around. The more attention paid to timelines, the less likely delays will occur.

Review Next Steps

Once your vision has been articulated and the project timeline established, your project is ready to begin.  You’ll also want to take this time to review any prep work that you’ll need to do. Depending on the complexity and scope of the renovation, this could include steps like moving furniture and household items. Completing these prep tasks in a timely and thorough manner can help your project move along more quickly. A project of this scale does not need to be disruptive.

According to real estate experts, the home remodeling market equals over $400 billion, and no one company represents 5% or more of that market share. With the industry being as popular as it is, it’s up to you to find a design build construction team Canadian homeowners can rely on. Look no further than Georgian Design Build, and we’ll get you started on creating the home of your dreams!