What Is a Feasibility Study?

If it’s time to renovate your home, you might be wondering how the process will unfold. With design build construction, you will likely want to have a feasibility study conducted before the work begins. According to Statista, of nearly one-third of homeowners planning a renovation in Canada, the second-most popular room to target is the bathroom. If your bathrooms are in distress, this may be an opportunity to renovate your home entirely. If this is the case, our team always recommends undergoing a feasibility study. Here are a few reasons why.

A Way to Visualize Your Renovation Project

Any major renovation project can be stressful. However, when your design build construction team utilizes a feasibility study, you’ll feel much more confident! This study creates 3D imagery that allows you to better understand what your project will entail. This is an important step in the creation of the plan and a way to see the scope of the work to be done. At this step in the process, making changes to the project blueprint is easy to do.

Proper Estimates

Conducting a feasibility study allows the team you hire to gain a strong insight into the costs and labor associated with the job, too. Conducting this study makes any estimate a lot more accurate, so you can ask your design build team to help identify ways to help you save time and money once they understand the nuts and bolts of the project. As the homeowner, having a proper estimate from the beginning also makes the process stress-free!

The Perfect Way to Capture the Project Timeline

Renovations can take longer than expected, as surprises can pop up and delays can happen. However, an experienced and professional design build team that utilizes a feasibility study won’t encounter such missteps. The more legwork that’s completed at the beginning, the clearer the timeline becomes. With this information, you’ll know exactly how long each stage of the process will take. Plus, a strong timeline helps to keep everything on track, with nothing falling through the cracks.

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