Why 2023 Is the Year to Renovate Your Space

With 2023 over a quarter over, time is rapidly running out to have your home remodeling projects started. You can join the many happy homeowners who are having their homes remodeled this year. According to HomeStars, 75% of homeowners who’ve remodeled in the last 12 months plan to do it again, and it’s easy to see why. Home renovation creates new forms that are easier to live in, more functional, and more fashionable than what it replaces. People who remodel universally show more happiness in their homes than they experienced before the remodel. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why it’s a great time to schedule a remodeling for 2023.

Remodeling Can Improve Flow

By opening new space possibilities in your home, remodeling makes it easier to get from one room to another. For families with young kids or grandkids, their home renovation can make it easier for the kids to play around their space and for the adults to spend time by themselves. Improved flow can break up clusters of people around bathrooms, make staircases easier to traverse up and down, and make the home more human-centered, with closed-in and claustrophobic spaces replaced with easily-traveled ones.

Remodeling Improves the Appearance of Your Home

The reason everyone who embarks on home renovation chooses above all else is the aesthetic of their remodeled home. Everything can be changed during a home remodeling, from staircases that can and need to change to the paint on the walls and the veneers on the cabinets. Within the basic parameters of the walls of the house, everything can change.

2023 Is a Great Time to Remodel

Your home renovations in 2023 are coming at a great time for the field. New materials that have come out since 2020 are revolutionizing houses, and new HEPA filters and other heating, ventilation, and air conditioning concepts are coming into their own. Ductless ACs and baseboard heating are legitimate options now with high-end houses now sporting these options that were once budget-only or complete fantasies.

Finding reality in your home renovation fantasy starts with a call to your remodeling experts. Your indoor experience can be changed in 2023. The only question is, will you wait another day to get started? Or will you call today to begin your new interior renovation journey with a free on-site consultation with your design-build experts? Give us a call today to see how we can improve the look of your home in Canada!