3 Kitchen Design Trends Taking Over 2023

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, then 2023 is promising to be a year of interesting trends leading to much more variation than you’ve seen for a while. This can reinvigorate an older home and even give a newer one a bit of fresh air. In fact, according to HomeStars, in Canada, 59% of homeowners remodeled mainly for the ability to give their homes a new and refreshing look. If you want to remodel now, then take a look at the new trends and see which ones you want to have for the next few years.

1. Open Concept Kitchens

After a few years of closing off the cooking and food prep space due to noise concerns, the walls are once again coming down. In the kitchen, open concept is popular once again to allow people to see in and out easily. Moving platters and dishes from the kitchen to the dining area is much easier as there are fewer obstacles like walls and doors to get through when your hands are full. When you are planning a remodel, here’s your chance to create an airy, open kitchen space.

2. Countertops That Don’t Pop Out

In a kitchen open concept, you’ll want everything to look smooth and practical, which means countertops that look nice but that don’t scream and shout above any other fixtures in your kitchen. Instead of elaborate granite or black surfaces, look for neutral tones using quartz or a similar material. These are durable and practical without drawing too much attention away from the food.

3. Getting Away From Gray Tones

Gray and white can be cooling and modern, and many kitchens have been done up in this color scheme for years. Now, however, the trend is toward natural tones that are not gray. Think more blues or greens, or even light browns and tans. These are calming colors, and in the kitchen open concept layouts with these tones can create a much more relaxing space.

It’s time to call a design-build company to discuss what you want for your kitchen. Whether you want to merely add a new paint job or redo the entire layout, you’ll have fun seeing what the new trends could look like in your Canadian home. Get in touch with us today to get started on your kitchen renovation project.