Learn Why Design-Build Firms in Toronto Recommend Charging Drawers

An orderly home is an attractive home. Not only are orderly homes more visually appealing, they convey a sense of peace and tranquility. In these stressful times, we could all use a little more tranquility in our lives. This is why renovating to create better storage solutions is an effective way to enhance your quality of life. This is why we like incorporating charging drawers into our projects.

Charging cables are one of the most common sources of clutter. At times, it seems that anywhere a power outlet intersects with a personal traffic pattern, we encounter a jumble of phones, laptops, tablets —or all of the above —arranged in no specific order. Fortunately, this source of clutter is easy to eliminate with the help of a docking drawer. 

What is a Charging Drawer?

A charging drawer, also known as a docking drawer, is essentially a charging station inside a cabinet or drawer, instead of the usual plugs in the wall. These drawers are designed to eliminate visible cords so you can say goodbye to cable chaos. The good news here is that they can be incorporated into any room. You can install a docking drawer in the kitchen, bathrooms, home offices, family rooms, basements–wherever you desire–with 2-8 convenient outlets available per drawer. 

Is it Safe to Use a Charging Drawer? 

Advancements in technology have greatly improved the safety of charging drawers. Docking drawer outlets have undergone a series of testing by the NRTLs -Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories- and have been approved by the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) to be safe for usage. Even the best design-build firms in Toronto endorse docking drawers for their numerous benefits.  

Keep Your Home Organized: As mentioned above, with docking drawers, your gadgets are placed neatly away in a drawer, but are easily located and accessible. 

Your Devices are Protected From Home Accidents: With a charging drawer, you eliminate the threat of damage happening to devices that are charging. With this easy-to-use technology, your devices are safe from accidentally falling off the counters and are not at risk of being stepped or sat upon while charging. Also, the cables do not interfere with drawer slides, so you can easily open and close your docking drawer.

Plug-in and Use Simultaneously: You don’t have to wait for your devices to be fully charged before using them. And it’s not just about your devices; docking drawers can help minimize the wear and tear on cords related to frequent plugging and unplugging of chargeable devices, hot tools, and small appliances. 

Surge Protection: Docking drawer charging outlets come with a built-in electrical safety device called a circuit breaker designed to intercept current flow. The circuit breaker protects your devices from damage due to high electric currents.

Specific Outlets for Specific Gadgets: Aside from surge protection, charging drawers can be customized with power outlets suitable for different purposes. These can vary based on the space and purpose. There are drawers made with a maximum of 20 amps for your bathrooms, for appliances like hair straighteners and hair dryers, and there are ones made specifically for small devices such as your phones, laptops, and tablets. 

Take the Next Step 

Consider adding docking drawers to your next home renovation to eliminate the clutter and elevate the function of your home. Contact Georgian Design Build today to schedule a consultation.