4 Reasons Your Basement Needs Remodeling

Are you interested in remodeling your basement? We’re here to tell you that this home remodeling project is a worthy investment. Keep reading to learn all about the four reasons to start this project as soon as possible.

1. To Add Storage Space

You likely have many items stored in your home that can be overwhelming. Instead of renting a storage unit, you can remodel your basement to optimize storage space. An interior designer in Canada can examine your current basement status and create a blueprint that best meets your needs. Some features to implement into your basement for storage include built-in shelving, organizing cabinetry, hook storage, and more. After this new storage space is complete, you will have a convenient and accessible system to grab any of your items quickly.

2. To Repair or Restore

One of the most common reasons for a basement home remodeling project is the need to repair and restore. More often than not, these projects are due to water damage caused by unexpected floods or plumbing leaks. When this occurs, a home typically needs new flooring, drywall, and insulation. It’s essential to get these projects done swiftly to ensure that the excessive moisture doesn’t cause additional issues, such as mildew or mold growth.

3. To Improve Home Livability

A damp and cold unfinished basement is a probable breeding ground for fungi and toxic mold. With this considered, your home’s livability status is at risk. The fungi and mold can quickly spread in your basement undetected and deteriorate your home’s construction. Additionally, the toxic growth can be a potential health risk for you and your loved ones. The growth can decrease air quality and cause severe allergy symptoms, such as wheezing, sneezing, coughing, skin rashes, burning eyes, and a sore throat.

4. To Increase Home Value

When considering that a basement remodel can add storage space, make needed repairs and restorations, and improves home livability, an increase in home value is bound to follow. It’s common for a homeowner to get 70% of the renovation cost back into the home’s value, according to Renovation Find. With this fact considered, selling your home will likely go faster once it’s on the market, and you’ll likely receive a bigger profit than you initially thought you would get.

After reviewing these reasons for a basement remodel above, you’re probably eager to begin the project at your home. Contact our home remodeling professionals in Canada today to get started on this transformative project!