Bedroom Remodeling Ideas That Will Perfect Your Home

Are you interested in a bedroom addition for your home? If so, we’re here to tell you this is a must. This home improvement project can increase square footage, improve functionality, and enhance interior design. With more than 80% of Canadians stating sustainability is essential during home improvements, according to Made in CA, this perk of a bedroom addition should also be acknowledged. In light of this, we’ve highlighted three different bedroom remodels that will perfect your home. Review these ideas below and contact our Canadian design build firm to complete a blueprint and jumpstart your home project.

Add an Enclosed Porch Area

Many choose to add an enclosed porch area to their bedroom to keep the home’s original lines intact while improving the exterior. With this addition, a homeowner can have their original bedroom space that will also provide access to a personable porch area. This space can be enhanced with outdoor rugs, furniture, and potted plants for a comfortable and peaceful oasis to relax morning and night. An enclosed porch is also a superb opportunity to incorporate eco-friendly materials, such as aluminum, reclaimed wood, and stainless steel.

Add More Windows to Make a Glass Wall

A bedroom addition of a glass wall is a beautiful home feature that will take design to the next level. More often than not, a professional will first increase the square footage in your bedroom and enclose the added area with a glass wall, which may be glass doors or large windows. You can customize the look of the windows. A design build firm can help you make your visions come to life.

Add an In-Law Suite

An in-law suite is a perfect solution for homeowners who are going to be having relatives or close friends moving in with them. This bedroom addition includes an entire new home section that will add square footage that lets the new person have their independence while living in the home. Some examples of in-law suite styles include mother-in-law suites, nanny quarters, a guest house, and hosting spaces.

Review these bedroom remodeling ideas above and consider which would work best for your home. If you need guidance with these decisions, then contact our design build firm in Canada today.