How-to-Guide: Maximize Space During a Renovation.

Home renovations deserve only the best, which means even if budget and space are limiting factors, your team should use their resources and expertise to bring your dream to life. There are numerous ways to create a more open living spaces using innovation and imagination. In this article, we’ll discuss the top five ways to maximize room during a renovation.

On a Different Plane

The function of some rooms means that essential furnishings eat into the space. Bathrooms and kitchens, for example, require countertops, vanities or islands that take up livable area. When this is the case, build up. Construct higher ceilings to make the room taller, and elevate cabinetry to head level – giving more room on the floor, with the added psychological benefit of positive associations.

Move smart

Smart cabinets, and smart technology in general, do a lot for homes with limited space. They can help declutter a room by stacking shelves and storage, offering an elegant, luxurious look that is also in keeping with today’s contemporary lifestyles and need for innovative solutions.

Hidden treasures

Selecting the right furnishings are a key aspect of stretching the interiors of a home. Yes, you can tuck chairs underneath tables, islands and countertops, but you can also invest in furniture that comes with built-in storage. While this often does take slightly more space, the benefits far outweigh the extra square footage because now you’re free to decorate shelves and create a more open, sunny space.

Live light

If built-in storage isn’t right for you, go the other way: select cabinets and countertops that don’t have to be fixed in place. From fold-up counters to collapsible tables and chairs, you have a plethora of imaginative solutions that’ll provide the functions you need of them without ruining or impinging on the desire for open-concept, seamless living.

Catch the eye

There are other tips to create a feeling of more space – with the key here being the word feeling. You could tear down the walls for the subtler simplicity of support beams, but if that seems daunting, you always have the choice of lightening the palette of the room. Neutral and light colours heighten the way we perceive the size of a room, and a little paint can go a long way.

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