Renovation Tips: Increasing Natural Light in Your Home.

Increasing natural light is one of the most frequent asks we receive from homeowners. There’s nothing like a flood of sunshine to illuminate your home and suffuse the interiors with a warm glow. More than a picturesque aesthetic, an increase in natural light has psychological and physical benefits, in addition to energy savings. Here are five of the best ways to get more sunrises and sunsets into your home.

Colour palette

To complement more mirrors and shiny surfaces, choosing a light colour palette will actually reflect light around the room, giving the impression of space and sun. This works for the ceiling too, opening both the width and height of a space up to mirror the ambiance of an outdoor retreat.

The walls

Bring the walls down. Replace exterior and interior walls with glass screens, blocks or beams to open the space up and let light penetrate your home’s layout without compromising on style or privacy. Even the darkest spaces will be illuminated, and the innovative styles of today’s glass designs will actually serve to make a statement.

The furnishings

In keeping with the theme of lighter colour palettes and fewer walls, when you bring in new furniture or accessories, ensure they too continue the look with lighter coloured fabrics. You can add a burst of light to accent and statement pieces to break the monochrome while still keeping the space light and bright.

The windows

The quickest and easiest way to bring in more light is, of course, with windows. Either expand the size of your current windows or add in new ones—transforming the façade of your home into one that is welcoming and almost transparent. Select windows with minimal framework to increase your interiors’ exposure to natural light.


Treat your ceilings as you would the façade of your home, replacing a continuous stretch of concrete into a patchwork of skylights. Not only is this an innovative way of bringing more sunlight in, but it has the added benefit of ushering in a contemporary look and feel through design that is artistic and forward-looking.

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