Renovation Trends for 2021.

Home renovations have been booming as people have finally had the time to take stock of all the upgrades and repairs needed—or, as we like to put it, finally had the time to put some love back into their home. But there are countless ways of renovating a space, and innumerable looks that can be achieved. In this article, after perusing the latest trends, we’ve narrowed it down to five that most took our fancy, and set the perfect stage for transforming old into new. 

Bring the Gym to You. 

Why not make the most out of your home? Why not introduce in it the spaces to stay in shape and on track without ever having to leave? Home gyms are on the rise, with many Canadians creating dedicated rooms to get moving indoors. The equipment involved is entirely up to you—depending on what level you’re at, and ranges from your cardio equipment to full blown squat racks and bench presses. 

Privacy Takes Priority. 

Now traditionally, open-concept interiors have been all the rage, and rightfully so, given that they do away with boundaries and really let a space breathe. This year, however, things are a little different, with people looking for private, closed off spaces that better accommodate remote working and learning. There is a lot of untapped value in building up some walls—remember what good old fashioned alone time felt like? 

Bathroom Sanctuaries. 

Building on the idea of quiet time dedicated to yourself, with the right features, a bathroom can help reduce stress, bring on some much-needed calm and help set your mood right. It’s time to reimagine the bathroom with soaker tubs and steam showers, or even the more subtle aromatherapy shower heads and bathtub fillers that can hold a cup of coffee or wine. 

Storage Space. 

Storage space doesn’t have to look a monolithic mess of boxes and cupboards, dressers and closets. The new age of storage space features custom millwork, with personalized dividers that let you not only store your belongings, but actually show them off and add to the existing décor of your home. You can even add entirely new rooms with custom millwork, including pantries for the kitchen. 

Rooms That Become What You Need of Them. 

A room in which you can live, work, play and rest is entirely possible, with the right steps. Smart features, space-saving furniture and envisioning the space to become what you need, can make it very easy to fit one layout with a number of purposes. This is an innovative way to not only bring the most out of what is traditionally considered four walls, but also to rethink the possibilities of a home. 

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