What Renovation Adds Value to Your Home.

Of course, renovating your home is a source of tremendous happiness, but another advantage is the immense value a renovation adds to the value of your residence. A higher home value means not only that you have more equity, but, if you’re thinking of selling, prospective buyers are likely to pay more for a contemporary property with all the modern upgrades and features. With that said, when thinking of renovating, you should keep numerous factors in mind—location and budget being the first. Here are five areas of renovation that will instantly add value to your home, transforming your equity in the process.

Remodeling the Bathroom.
A minor bathroom remodel is a great way to influx that little bit of value into your home, and it’s easy. Remove antiquated wall coverings and add a fresh, contemporary coat of paint; replace the tub and tiles, the floor, toilet, vanity and fixtures, and you’re looking at a transformed bathroom that takes on a more spa-inspired feel—just what the market is looking for.

The Outdoors Count Too.
When people consider renovating, they more often than not forget that the outdoor space surrounding the home factors in as well. First impressions are important, so think of adding a splash of colour, a variety of plants, maybe a deck or porch, and a comfortable walkway with perhaps a fountain or modern topiary contouring it. The value of your home instantly increases, because everyone wants a warm welcome.

The Kitchen.
The kitchen has taken its place as the heart of a home for many years now,
and no renovation is complete without remodeling it. Clean up the space by removing bulky, over-the-counter cabinetry, and remodel the kitchen so that it can hold a built-in banquet and chairs in which to eat in, along with customized backsplashes, countertops and cabinetry to add that extra spark of personality.

Rethink the Interiors.
Additions to existing rooms work too, and for it to really pay off, you should consider how it ties in to the overall aesthetic and flow of your home. For the family room, for example, you could add a sunroom, which brings in a flood of natural light and allows you to experiment with new, nuanced furniture and looks.

Modernize the Décor.
Details pay off bigger than you could imagine, and the smallest things matter. From adding crown moldings to give off a contemporary look, to restaging rooms by moving furniture around to give the impression of space, to installing a statement piece, modernizing the décor goes a long way in earning extra equity.

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