Interior Design Trends for 2021.

What’s in, what’s out? What’s old, what’s new? As ever, each year brings new trends and vogues, so we decided to round up five of the most aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious ones, with which to transform your interiors. From sustainable materials and elegant elements, to odes to eclectic personalities and unique individuality, here are the fabulous five interior design trends for 2021.

More Is Always More, Never Mind How the Saying Goes.
There’s the minimalist, and then there’s the maximalist, a new breed of flair. This personality seeks the transcendental spirit of artists of old, and draws on their creative flair to mix colourful decorations, contrast patterns and different scales of print to create an alchemy of expression—all pulled together by a subtle grounding common tone.

The Industrial Revolution Is Upon Us Again.
The impression of it anyway. Think exposed stonework, wood and metal elements, soft, neutral colours and high ceilings. It’s fuss free, with the least amount of maintenance required, which suits us all the more given the time we’ve been spending inside out homes. The Industrial style is a mix of modern and traditional design, but it also transforms interiors so that one room is fit for working, living and playing in.

Natural Is Always In.
Woven furniture, such as wicker and rattan, might evoke imagery of outdoor patios or old, sepia-tinged photographs, but, when incorporated right, they retain their place in interior design as an ultra-contemporary aesthetic. The natural materials add an effortless warmth and lightness to home décor, with the lightweight material easily moved around, indoors and out.

Musing Over a Mural.
Walls are no longer empty. We have moved far away from the time when accents or bright palettes brought them to life; instead, we’re now letting them tell their stories by adorning them with tropical wall-coverings full of lively patterns and pastoral scenes to maximize a sense of escapism. Not only that, but murals add texture and depth, around which you can incorporate bold colours and statement pieces.

Travel Through Décor.
Travel doesn’t just broaden the mind, it enlivens interiors—that is if you add décor and colour schemes that hark of distant cities and faraway beaches. Tropical and bright, subtle monotones and soft lemons work to bring the outside in, introducing green into the homes and emulate laid-back lifestyles and landscapes.

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