A Message From Gene Maida: Closing the Remodeling Disconnect.

I wanted to take a moment to address a common misconception that has become more and more frequent in the renovation industry. It is this: homeowners think the cost of remodelling will go down. Now, it must be said that there are a number of factors to take into account when addressing this claim, and our industry is one in which there are a lot of moving parts, each influencing the other, but that is the reason for the disconnect between homeowners and remodelers, this latter group believing the cost of projects will rise.

It is true that the prices of materials may decrease, but on the other hand, other factors will offset this downward movement to keep costs relatively high. Because homeowners believe the cost of remodelling will go down, they aren’t investing into their homes and taking advantage of the numerous benefits that they stand to gain. The cost of remodeling is likely to keep increasing—having risen 12% to 17% over the last five years—due to things such as higher cost of labour, the price of contractors going up, and even the associated costs that go into ensuring a site is safe.

So, when it comes to renovations, it is always best to undertake them early, because early is easy—every time. Here at Georgian Renovations, we pride ourselves on our transparent approach and depth of resources. Our team is equipped with brilliant designers, construction experts, licensed contractors, and top-notch fabricators who will create stunning, functional spaces built to the highest standards; we take a Feasibility Study and Design Questionnaire to ensure our clients get the renovation that is best suited to their vision and ambitions; and we keep them regularly informed throughout the process with construction updates, pictures and regular meetings.

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