The Average Cost of a 2021 Bathroom Renovation in Canada

There’s plenty of reasons to refresh your bathroom! Whether it’s wear and tear, updated style or new fixtures and features you’d like, a bathroom remodelling can certainly reinvigorate your day! Not only that, but it’s one of the best improvements for home valuation. A modern, fully-functional bathroom with luxurious amenities is indisputably a factor at play in selling your home fast.

That said, renovation can be a major financial commitment. It’s always wise to go into a home improvement aware of what costs are likely to be incurred, the scale of commitments, and the potential time frame involved.  That said – your ideal bathroom doesn’t have to be a dream! There’s a lot of range in what’s possible for bathroom remodelling, from the delightfully extravagant to the tastefully simple and cost-effective.

Bathroom Types & Other Variables

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of bathroom renovation, because both “bathroom” and “renovation” can mean quite different things. Bathrooms range from high to low-end, but also from simple powder rooms (“½ baths”) to master suite bathrooms, which aim for spa-like features with walk-in showers and separate soaker tubs. The first is a basic necessity, while the latter is a premium addition adding a lot of value. Meanwhile, while the terms “renovation” and “remodel” are used interchangeably, renovation actually just refers to focusing on interior design, improving or updating what’s already in a bathroom, while a remodel means changing the room’s layout and design.

Acquiring permits may delay your construction and add to costs. Whether you need permits is based on the type and scale of your bathroom renovation; plumbing and electrical work demand permitting, as does building a brand-new washroom. Permits can cost anywhere from $350 to $1800.

Estimated Bathroom Renovation Costs

Bearing in mind that expenses heavily vary based on the work involved, quality of materials, and on local price points, these are some rough current averages for bathroom renovation costs:

Average: $15,000
Low-end: $5,000
High-end: $25,000+

How Much Will Each Fixture Cost?

Higher quality fixtures will certainly add to your bathroom remodelling cost, but if they’re used every day, the extra investment may mean a longer lifespan.

Toilets/sinks: $200-$1,800
Countertop: $200-$2,000
Showers: $300-$3,000
Vanity: $300-$4,800

Your Bathroom Return-On-Investment

Kitchens are the kings of ROI, but bathrooms come in just behind them. An updated bathroom tends to attract buyers. Here’s how remodels tend to recoup value:

Midrange bathroom: 64% recoup
Upscale bathroom: 56% recoup
Universal design bathroom: 62% recoup
Bathroom addition (midrange): 54% recoup

Revitalize Your Bathroom Today

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