5 Luxury Bathroom Trends For 2021

The paradigm has changed in bathroom design, and it’s led to exciting developments for 2021! There’s a host of new fixtures and styles at the forefront of the interior design market. Anyone doing extensive remodels or bathroom redecorating should also bear the following in mind: beauty is, and will always be a goal for luxury bathroom design, but prioritizing a high level of functionality in all aspects is now the biggest concern.

Health and wellbeing are at the top of our minds these days, and so home buyers aren’t just attracted by gorgeous high-end bathrooms. They’re attracted by ones with exceptional features, whether that’s spa amenities or automated technology.

Spa-Like Comforts

Perhaps it’s absence making the heart grow even fonder of a delicate spa pampering, but whatever the case, luxury bathrooms in 2021 are eagerly incorporating a number of spa-like amenities. These bathrooms create an oasis within the home. Consider integrating a steam shower, a sauna (either regular or infrared), a deep soaking tub or some aromatherapy elements which will lend to a visually stunning and utterly invigorating bathroom space.

Vintage Brassiness, Bespoke Gold

The return of beautiful metal bathroom fixtures couldn’t happen soon enough, with tones of gold and brass adding a lively warmth to any space. Easy to pair with lighting fixtures, hardware and mirrors, brass and gold accents are now seen across many toilets, sinks, showers, baths, and so on! You’ll be surprised by how well these accents pair with a wide range of styles, and how easily they create a feeling of richness and value.

Smart Bathroom Technology 

This is the real renaissance coming in 2021: technology both adds mind-blowing new features and makes existing maintenance and other needs utterly effortless. Whether it’s automatic toilet seat lids (sparing you an unhygienic mistake!), heated floors or built-in bluetooth speakers to make your showers that much more enjoyable, smart technology can connect you with the ultimate in luxuries and indulgences. With endless options, you can create your own fully-personalized day spa.

Efficient Storage Spaces

Tired of having massive drawers, over-crowded with old expired products you never use? Encourage functionality and minimal habits by streamlining your storage space. It’s commonly believed that adopting this lifestyle will help you minimize stress, turning your bathroom into a true sanctuary. To reduce clutter, integrate solutions like hidden cabinets  and modern wall shelving.

Go Colourful! Go Bold!

There are still plenty of black and white tones in contemporary 2021 bathrooms, but a few rich accents will really transform a space. Add hints of floral colours or natural materials for a sense of the outdoors; energize with unique stone veining, statement light fixtures and intricate mirror frames. Pops of green and blue, some of the signature colours of 2021, will soothe and inspire.

Revitalize Your Bathroom Today

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