The Georgian Promise

Georgian Design Build’s more than 50 years of high-end design and construction, working with residential customers to realize their luxury dreams, is attested to in countless unique designs, beloved spaces, and a realm of sophisticated finishes. Our home renovations reflect our commitment to quality and our desire to personalize spaces for our customers which are functional, inspiring, beautiful and enriching. We promise results, but we also promise to surpass expectations in the following crucial regards.


Integrity is at the heart of everything we do, from the soundness of our materials to the dedication of our staff. We maintain open lines of communication throughout the process, putting our reputation and our profits on the line with every project, with the guarantees of our Renovation Insurance and Warranty.

Without closely following customer specifications, a successful renovation isn’t possible. At Georgian, we build trust by making every effort to support your vision, to create a space that suits your needs and, whether elements were suggested by our staff or yourself, find solutions which truly reflect you. It’s very important to us that you feel peace of mind throughout the design and construction processes, trusting in our team to carefully consider and meticulously execute your vision.


An involved redesign of your living space comes with a significant emotional investment, all the heavier with full-blown renovations. At Georgian, we understand that it is often difficult to feel confident in choices and results. That it’s perfectly normal to worry over timelines and investments. Our staff are devoted to keeping you informed on both subjects; to do whatever is necessary to achieve excellence within both the forecasted timeline and the expected budget. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and lead by example, generating confidence through our own surety. Georgian has more than 50 years of experience in the field, backed up by a glowing track record with customers. This record serves as just the beginnings of confidence; it’s the passion and knowledge we bring to the table that make you feel truly secure and genuinely excited.


One of the key elements to both trust and confidence, partnership is what makes Georgian truly different. Rather than simply offering our professional skills, we offer a comprehensive and adaptable process, which you may fully choose your role in. Would you like to leave everything, from structural changes to interior design, up to Georgian’s elite designers? Georgian has the total service to support this arrangement. Would you like to be involved every step of the way, suggesting fixtures, meeting crews and guiding the whole process? Not a problem! Georgian prides itself on putting customers first, on our ability to customize projects entirely to their needs. Open and honest communications, established by devoting significant time to getting to know customers, is key! We’re happy to say that some of our most satisfied clients have become our lifelong friends.

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