5 Modern Countertop Styles for Your 2021 Kitchen Renovation

What’s more important in a kitchen than the countertop? The kitchen work surface may be relatively simple, but it’s right in the middle of all the action and used multiple times each day. More than just a practical element, the countertop can perfectly reflect and even boldly advance the rest of your kitchen design. It’s a crucial interior element which can have a surprisingly big impact on your home’s valuation.

Versatile Quartz

Easier to care for, durable, and more affordable than granite, quartz countertops provide a pleasing focal point to any kitchen. There’s no need for re-sealing of a quartz countertop, as they’re highly resistant to stains and exceptionally hygienic. Quartz counters come in a huge range of colors, patterns and finishes, many easily conveying the appearance of natural stone. There are stunning options with realistic veining; some of the most popular among them being luxurious, stylish emulations of marble.

Sheer Waterfall Edges

A modern sensation, waterfall edges add a touch of luxury and a design-forward feel. A single waterfall edge can indeed transform a kitchen, giving the sense of a contemporary remodel without a total renovation.

Naturally, Natural Stone

Natural materials, which require less processing, are a big draw for conscious consumers in 2021. What’s more, natural stone looks great! Granite may not be the most practical of countertop, but its durability, natural graining and veining makes it an enduring favourite. Choose more rustic natural stone options and you’ll have yourself an effortless natural feel.

Thin is In

Chic minimalism often means an innovative countertop about a centimetre thick, but made of high quality, durable materials which are just as sturdy as their heftier counterparts. For a lighter, sleeker appearance, choose a thin countertop of porcelain, granite or other natural stone. It will definitively signal an emergence from the 2010s, into a new decade of minimal interior design.

Hone Your Kitchen

In the midst of the 2021 design movement focusing on textured and tactile elements, it’s unsurprising that one of the most stylish countertop options is a honed finish: a matte look with little to no shine. This finish can work with granite, marble or quartz, perfectly disguising any scratches. The overall look is very adaptable based on colours, materials and accents.

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