What to Look For on Your Final Walkthrough

It’s just about the most exciting day of your renovation: the final-walkthrough! At last, construction and interior design have been completed, and it’s time to determine whether you’re satisfied with your Georgian Design Build experience. But what should you be looking for? How can you be sure you’ve gone over everything, made certain we’ve ticked every box?

Structural Renovations

The major changes are hard to miss! Structural elements are something you’ll have been kept apprised of from the very beginning, and fortunately, given the extensive planning process between our designers, architects and contractors, there’s practically no chance that your walls, columns and windows won’t turn out as expected. Still, just to be sure, check that there’s comfortable clearances between islands and walls, that you like the amount of natural light coming in, and so forth.

The Fixtures

Perhaps a wall light or a faucet that looked good in your plans just isn’t right in reality? That’s not a problem! Georgian Design Build will continue to work for you, in choosing the perfect fit, ordering the replacements, and installation! So take the time to make sure everything inside your rooms works for the space, that they’re practical, and that they speak to your personal taste!

The Staging of Your Home

Are you coming in to inspect a work site, strewn with tools and sawdust, half-completed? No! This is the final inspection: Georgian ensures their contractors have tied up all construction neatly, that your possessions have been moved back in with perfect attention to placement and care, and that a cleaning crew has left your new home absolutely spotless! If any of these elements aren’t just perfect: say something! Make sure all of your possessions have been brought back from storage, that your delicates (from TVs to antique furniture) are unharmed, and that we’ve dressed your home with everything agreed upon in design consultations!

Another Georgian Job Completed!

Once you’ve taken time to ensure everything meets your satisfaction your Georgian renovation is complete! At this time, final payment is required and your 5-Year Warranty with Georgian begins!

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