6 Backsplash Ideas for Stunning 2021 Kitchen Remodels

Is this the year you invest in an effortlessly-modern, strikingly-chic new kitchen? Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your existing cooking space, it’s important to recognize that backsplashes are a make-or-break element of kitchen design. The interior decoration of the entire space will draw from this base of personality. Fortunately, 2021 kitchens can make use of backsplash options in every style, from modern to rustic, from contemporary to industrial!

A Dramatic Slab

No need to mess around with tiny tiles! Start your kitchen out strong with a powerful facade of unbroken material, such as marble or metal. As well as adding style, a slab backsplash will help to make your space feel larger, newer and more design-focused.

Painted Tiles

Throw some colourful contrast and rustic style into your kitchen! Painted tiles, often in shades of blue, harken back to sun-dappled Mediterannean estates. Your kitchen will immediately seem friendlier and more artistic – the more beautifully ornate your kitchen tiles, the better! Watch, however, that your colours and patterns don’t clash.

Let It High-Shine

Aiming for a truly modern look? With the right lighting installed, it’s hard to beat the interior design punch of a high-shine backsplash. Perhaps a glossy finish is enough for you? If not, glass or even mirrors will do a lot to make your kitchen feel more nuanced and more spacious – and unorthodox window backsplashes will do even more!

Mind the Gap!

Extra-large subway tiles are the perfect choice for a design marrying industrial, vintage and contemporary looks. These 4×8 inch tiles create a prominent grid out of hardy materials, evoking a 1920s speakeasy or a trendy cocktail lounge. 

Geometric Bliss

It’s certainly an intriguing choice for interior design, but a geometric pattern like this one is an absolute motherlode of visual interest, which invests a kitchen with a very distinctively relaxed, but sophisticated feel. Beware of making your kitchen look altogether too busy, but there’s nothing wrong with the home-y look of a lovely quilted pattern.

Rustic Stone

The refreshingly natural facade of these weathered stones defines this kitchen’s wholesome feel. Stone is surprisingly versatile, found in everything from cottage-style to luxury kitchen design. There’s a wide range of options for stone colouration, sizes and feels, but all will leave you feeling immaculately grounded.

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