Unleash Your Dream Home Book

Unleash Your Dream Home is an homage to nesting, the most basic of human needs. Rather than leapfrogging from one home to the next, homeowners are increasingly staying put and revitalizing what they already know and love. This book empowers its readers to change their homes and lifestyles for the better. 

Gene Maida dispels the myths around the renovation business and provides homeowners with the skills and knowledge they need to attain their dream homes while avoiding major blunders. The author extracts, from his many years of experience, revealing insights into the terror barrier and our psychological predispositions, exploring the decision-making process, what it means to be happy and how to overcome inhibiting beliefs. The valuable secrets and tips within these pages will save readers thousands of dollars and make their renovation journey seamless and enjoyable.

“You already live in your dream home. 

You just don’t know it yet.

Unleash Your Dream Home is an essential for anyone thinking about renovating. Gene Maida provides homeowners with the skills they need to attain their dream homes while avoiding major blunders and saving thousands of dollars. 

One reader said, “I just got the book and read it in a couple of hours. Super easy and fun read. It seriously is a must have for anyone dealing with a reno or about to embark on one. Chalk full of insights from the author and most importantly, full of questions you need to consider that I would have never even thought of. Super confident in my ability to start my reno project now…highly recommend.”

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