Pack, Move and Stage Your Home with Georgian’s VIP Move Service

The packing and moving process involved in your GTA home remodelling can be overwhelming, but Georgian’s Luxury Move Management changes everything through sheer attention to detail. From the very first step of cataloguing contents to the final move and professional clean, our concierge white-glove service means to overlook absolutely nothing. Georgian Design Build takes on every single frustration and inconvenience you might associate with renovating.

What does this process look like? Well, it begins with a home consultation. Georgian staff photograph and catalogue the contents of your home. We develop a move plan, complete with a detailed floor plan of your new design and a robust timing schedule. Your fragile speciality items are expertly crated for transport and professionally handled from packing to unpacking. The staff arrange your own private storage pod for personal and valuable contents, from living room chandeliers to family keepsakes.

Then comes your renovation’s packing day. Dedicated to the packing of each box with care, all are labelled according to the rooms of your home. Breakable items are protected by bubble wrap; furniture is padded and shrink wrapped; clothing is hung in wardrobe boxes. The perfect transition of your belongings, perfectly executed.

On moving day, our expert concierge staff take charge. They will orchestrate the unpacking of items, their deliberate placement room-by-room. Your furniture returns home within hours.

The following day is dedicated to the return of your most precious items. A lead designer from your project stays on sight to make sure all art is hung correctly, all interior design is perfectly executed, and that you’re satisfied with your new home decor. Meanwhile, handymen will be on hand to complete repairs, install appliances, and do whatever else needs doing. There’ll be snacks and beverages provided for everyone.

Then, with your home fully renovated, it’s cleaned and groomed for your approval. Every sign you ever moved will vanish. This thorough process ensures the cleanest, surest and – for you – the most effortless possible move. The smoothest transition to a home ready for resale – or for life.

The VIP Move Service is our offer to handle everything with the ultimate concierge treatment, a guarantee to customers that their home remodelling will be absolutely seamless. Join our waiting list at your earliest convenience, for your home to be expertly cared for from the first moment of planning to the last sweeping of pristine, newly-installed floors.

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