What is Interior Design? What Can An Interior Designer Do For Me?

Interior design encompasses a lot. It’s planning, analysis, documentation, design and management of non-structural construction and alteration. Interior design works to aesthetic ends, but it also must consider building design, fire safety and energy codes, among other regulations. Believe it or not, most interior designers are specifically educated and from that education draw a responsibility to create code-compliant, accessible and wellness-oriented interiors, while carefully considering the needs of their clients.

Why An Interior Designer Makes Sense

An Interior Designer fills many functions. Hiring someone to dress your home to your taste may seem a little frivolous, a little contradictory – but any interior designer will be ready to explain why this isn’t at all the case. From a practical standpoint: an interior designer can immediately identify some of the best improvements for home valuation. Your home will sell for more after being visited by an interior designer.

In terms of following your personal taste: you’re still in the driver’s seat, but the interior designer is the co-pilot who knows all the possible roads ahead! With total knowledge of your design options, of brands and finishes, they can direct you to choices you may not have considered, but are perfect for you. Their knowledge is truly specialized, going beyond construction solutions and item catalogues into understanding of human behaviour theories.

What Services Fall Under Interior Design?

From the first moments of establishing a relationship with you and evaluating the conditions of your interiors, to the final bit of data collection which measures the success of their efforts, a designer will undertake a host of different activities to ensure your visions are achieved. Conceptualizing and abstracting potential changes, to give you an idea of what might come; selecting everything carefully, with your approval – materials, finishes, furniture, equipment, window treatments, etc. Coordination with contractors, when the time comes, will be the interior designer’s responsibility. 

At Georgian Design Build

Interior Designers at the core of what we do, as can be seen in our exciting partnership with the ingenious Michelle Mawby. Our staff do offer a more total and seamless package than the average interior designer – an entire renovation, from top to bottom – interior decoration is still an important aspect of our work. Your bathroom remodels and new kitchen will be perfectly decorated, to specifications arrived at by you and our design staff.

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