Paints and Stains: The Colours of the Year for 2021

Whether you’re looking to make the modern impression that helps you sell your home fast or you’d simply like to refresh your interior design, it’s wise to know which colours embody the current moment. A remodel and a paint job are great ways to start things off fresh!

2021’s iconic shades tend to be vibrantly colourful without being overly bright and saturated; they add visual appeal to spaces, without raising the energy beyond tasteful serenity. These colours speak to our pop culture passions, to the most compelling movements of fashion and design.

Canyon Dusk – Behr

This gentle terracotta hue is meant to evoke the feeling of the outdoors – specifically, of clay, soil and the sunset. Perfect for a bedroom or living room remodelling, this hue effortlessly relaxes and blends well with woven baskets, houseplants and other elements of airy, organic chic. 

Vintage Blue – Minwax

This wood stain brand has never chosen a colour of the year before, and they started out with an intriguing pick! Vintage Blue absolutely lives up to its name, as its main impression is one of gentle nostalgia. For cabinetry, shelving and decorative accents, this stain offers an organic feeling. To maximize its vintage charm, match this colour with earthy neutrals like amber and charcoal; for a more modern look, pair with blues like navy and denim.

Ultimate Gray and Illuminating – Pantone

As a major player on the colour scene, Pantone can afford to bend the rules. And it did, choosing two contrasting shades to together be their “Colour” of 2021. Ultimate Grey is the dependable base, an understated neutral shade of light grey. Illuminating is bold and bright, reflecting optimism for the year to come. The two pair perfectly for impeccably modern interior design.

Aegean Teal – Benjamin Moore

A tranquil blue with soft notes of green; this colour inspires a reflective gentleness, a natural harmony. It’s an excellent choice for bedroom or home office interior design, as well as an elegant kitchen remodel. Aegean Teal pairs perfectly with the rest of the bouquet of colours which Benjamin Moore have offered as their 2021 color trends palette.

Urbane Bronze – Sherwin-Williams

Can a neutral shade be bold and rich, drawing you in like a glossy pool? Absolutely. Urbane Bronze is incredibly grounding, providing a sense of stability and retreat to rooms which wear its dark lustre. This colour represents our need for calm and the incredible value of our personal sanctuaries, making it a shade great for overall home interiors, but bedrooms in particular.

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