Detached Homes Prices Up 25% In Mississauga

Good news for those looking to sell a detached home in Mississauga: as of the beginning of 2021, prices were up a full 25% since January 2020! They have only continued to rise since. This news is, of course, less exciting to those looking to buy a home – but it’s great for those with renovation on the mind.

Average Home Prices

So what’s the average home price in Mississauga? With all housing types considered, it’s now over $890,020. That’s 14% higher year-over-year! The averaged detached home price is about $1.5 million. For comparison, Brampton average home prices are past the $900,000 mark, with a 34% increase in price for detached homes. Or perhaps you’re interested in buying a Halton home? The average price has risen 24%.

Increased Home Sales

It’s not just prices in Mississauga going up, but home sales as well. Driven by good weather, low interest rates, and COVID’s emphasizing of the home’s importance, winter sales were up in Mississauga by 52%. Selling your home fast is now quite easy and will become increasingly so, given the market is being tightened due to lack of supply. Nonetheless, new listings did increase 21% and active listings 8%. Sales and new listings are both predicted by the TRREB (Toronto Real Estate Regional Board) to increase notably over 2021. However, with sales rising at a faster pace, the end of the year is predicted to show potential constraint for low-rises and cooling for condos.

How to Make the Most of Your Mississauga Home?

Given the market constraint predicted by experts, it’s the perfect time to begin preparing to sell. One of the best ways to increase the value of your home is a home improvement. Renovation, especially when done by expert designers and contractors, is perfectly suited to a hot market like Mississauga’s. Georgian Design Build’s team of experts totally invest themselves in the success of your renovation, whether it’s meant for you or your prospective buyers. Our seamless total process is calibrated for you to get your timing right and your home utterly flawless. Register today and collaborate with us on your new home.

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