Construction Details.

When you undertake a renovation with Georgian, you can rest assured you will know what’s going on every step of the way. During the renovation itself, Georgian keeps the lines of communication open and honest with regular construction updates and details. 

These take the form of weekly reports. Our project managers check-in with you and fill out a comprehensive statement to keep you apprised of the past days’ developments. This includes the progress made, the next steps and the current condition of your home. They supplement the report with pictures documenting the renovation at the stage in which it is presently in. 

Not only that, but the timeline and payment details are updated too. Here at Georgian, we pride ourselves on guaranteed timelines and budgets—ensuring the renovation is complete on schedule and within the price agreed upon. These updates are a way to keep moving forward seamlessly and count down how much longer you have to wait and how much more is needed to complete the financing. 

Georgian’s construction process is essentially a direct line from the project manager to the customer. We bring our clients into the fold as much as we can; this is how we create for our clients the dream homes they have always imagined, wished for and known, all along. 

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