Facebook Live Episode 1 – Kitchen Countertops

In our first Facebook Live episode on Kitchens, our principle lead interior designer, Michelle Mawby talks all things countertops. What’s hot, materials that dazzle and why “trend” is a bad word when it comes to kitchens. She gets deep on what arguably is one of the most important design decisions when planning your Kitchen of your dreams.

Just how many choices are out there for a discerning homeowner to choose from? A lot! Michelle takes us through the myriad of choices out there, granite, marble, porcelain, the list goes on! She gives her take on colour combinations and gives her honest opinion of what’s hot and what’s not. She also dispels some of the most prevalent fears homeowners have when it goes to choosing a countertop that’s right for their kitchen.  

Watch and get inspired to begin your transformation 

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Patagonia Stone

Quartzite Countertop 

Porcelain/Sintered Countertop