What is a Feasibility Study?

At Georgian, we believe a home is more than its walls and interiors, its furnishings and décor; we believe it is a reflection of you. To ensure our homeowners receive exactly what they want out of their renovation, we initiative a Feasibility Study prior to the presentation. This is a checklist of various items and processes, that once completed, guarantee satisfaction. 

Lifestyle Questionnaire

The Feasibility Study begins with a lifestyle questionnaire to help us better understand your everyday routine; it enables us to tailor our design and the functionality of our renovated spaces to fit your expectations. Through it, we seamlessly integrate the new with the established, making for a comfortable transition. 

Professional Home Measure

We next bring a team over to take a professional measurement of your home. This allows us to better visualize the space and the opportunities within it. They diligently size every aspect of the interior and we work our designs around that. 

Building Code and Zoning Bylaws Review

Georgian takes the time to review the building code and zoning bylaws of your neighbourhood to ensure all regulations are abided to, and that the renovation can be undertaken without any problems faced further down the line. 

New Floor Plan for Main and Second Floor

Once the building code and zoning bylaws have been accounted for, we then draft a reimagined floorplan for the main and second floor of your home, using the specifications of our home measure and the insight gleaned from the lifestyle questionnaire. 

Preliminary Scope of Work

Once we have a clear idea of what the renovation will involve, having drafted the new main and second floor, we will create a preliminary scope of work, complete with timelines and budget considerations that Georgian has a reputation for maintaining. 

Recommended Budget Range

We ensure that the preliminary scope of work set out falls within a recommended budget range. This consideration influences our design, the materials used and the extent of the renovation. 

Georgian Home Appraisal Before and After Renovation

Before and after the renovation Georgian visits the house to do an appraisal. This enables you to get an accurate picture of just how much the value of your home has appreciated, and allows you to plan ahead for future renovations. 

Financial Viability

We ensure our homeowners have the financial resources and capabilities to fund their renovation. Once we have decided that they are viable, our homeowners receive the guarantee of a fixed price, which enables both parties a degree of certainty. 


The presentation is the final stage of the Feasibility Study, during which we present the vision of your home transformed. It incorporates your lifestyle and budget recommendations, our home measurements and bylaws review. 

Georgian’s process is one of precision. We take every step to ensure our homeowners are comfortable knowing that everything is in order before the renovation begins. Join our waiting list for a free Design Consultation.

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