Luxury Kitchen Trends

Creating a luxury kitchen, contrary to what is widely accepted, is not simply about size or the price tag; it’s a far more subtle undertaking. Luxury kitchens are recognized for their interiors, the level of detail, the design, the luxury living experience. Here are just a few of the ways you can classify a kitchen as luxury, or work towards creating your very own. 

Function and Style

Most modern kitchens are an alchemy of function and style. They captivate the eye with rich textures, exotic finishes and bold hues. A luxury kitchen is also a seamless one, flowing into the rest of the house uninterrupted, with enough space to remain comfortable. State-of-the-art appliances together with inspired design breathe new life into kitchens, transforming them into gourmet spaces that elevate the entire home. 

Integrate With Landscape

Bringing the outside in, or taking the inside out, has fast emerged as one of today’s luxury trends. An opulent kitchen is one that is more than its walls; it blends what were one two distinct spaces and makes for the beginning of infinite possibilities. Some luxury kitchens are fully outdoors, blending with the landscape using state-of-the-art features. 

Technology Breathes New Life

Pioneering systems that can be controlled remotely bring kitchens to luxurious life. From lighting that detects movement and security monitoring systems, to automated thermostats, blinds and appliances, the technological innovations that are a feature of modern luxury kitchens imbue convenience, connection and an exceptional experience. With them, a kitchen is no longer inanimate. It moves and speaks, acts and responds. 


Wellness runs through every corner of a luxury kitchen; it is an attribute ingrained into the very fabric of the space. To heighten the Wellness experience, there has been a trend towards integrating entertainment options such as a television, sound systems and relaxation nooks either within the kitchen itself or as its own auxiliary room. 

Working towards introducing some or all of these features into your kitchen is your way towards luxury. Experience the possibilities of the luxury living experience. Join our waiting list for a free Design Consultation.

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