A Built-In for your Furry Friend

When undergoing a renovation, we often check off the basics;

 – Appliance Layout, check!

– Cabinet Style, check!

– Colour, check!

– Flooring, check!

You get the point… What we often do in hindsight, is lament some of the most practicle ideas or trends that would undoubtably make life a little easier, and cleaner!

Voilà, the Doggy station! A beautifully crafted built-in to celebrate your most precious of furry friends!

It is taseful, but also tucked away in an otherwise unused space.

Our advice? When you undergo a renovation, not only think about how you want the space to look and make you feel. But also try to envision some pratical ideas that can enrich your life, (and maybe your puppy’s too!)