The Definition of Luxury.

For too long now, the word luxury has been misinterpreted and typecast as the value of dollars spent; it is taken to be directly linked to money: the more you spend, the more luxury you attain. But that’s not what true luxury really is. When you untangle luxury from money, you see that it is more about perspective: one that places stock in quality, character and personality. Here are five of the main traits that should be associated with the term luxury. 




Luxury is unique. It stands on its own. It presents itself as different, it feels different, and it evokes a feeling that it cannot be imitated. Unique brings with it interest. Luxury appeals to a certain taste, without having to attract everyone. It knows what it’s about, and knows that you do too. 




Quality brings value, lasting value. Luxury is an investment in something superior, which could have taken a long time to make, it could have been handcrafted, and it even could be personalized. Superior quality comes when a product or service introspects and brings out its true essence—far above the norm. 




Luxury often stands alone, or in very limited company. While there are a plethora of alternatives in circulation, the thing about true luxury is that it is difficult to obtain. Exclusivity implies that it is more about quality than quantity, with time given to perfect the fact rather than get it out there unfinished. 




Luxury goes further than a product, it captures an experience. When you think of luxury you think of a service that is tailored to your needs, with the journey to the end result seeming to have been undertaken just for you. Exceptional service creates a bespoke process, in which you are at the centre. 




Luxury opens up lifestyles, and is often a sign of how you want to live yours. When product, service and experience are all taken into account, true luxury leaves you with something to build upon; it is not an end in itself, but a means to keep reaching higher and farther. 


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