10 Steps to Gorgeous Design.

Our team is equipped with brilliant designers, construction experts, licensed contractors, and top-notch fabricators who will create stunning, functional spaces built to the highest standards. All in just 10 steps. Here is what makes up the Georgian experience. 


1: Initial Consultation 


The initial consultation will take place in your home with one of Georgian’s acclaimed designers. At the 1-2 hour meeting you will discuss your wish list, objectives and desired investment range.


2: Inspirational Images and Design Vision Questionnaire 


Within the next 10 days, you will need to provide the Design Team with inspirational images that reflect your design style and vision for the space. 


3: Concept and Design Development 


Concept and design development is part of the planning stage, and is essential to the success of any home renovation. 


4: Presentation Meeting 


A Presentation Meeting will then be scheduled by your designer to discuss, review and finalize the design, scope of work and finishes.  


5: Construction Drawings 


Upon approval of concepts, finishes scope of work and budget, the Design Team will completed the working drawings as required. 


6: Final Design Presentation 


Your designer will schedule a presentation meeting at which you will be presented with the final drawings, detailed scope of work, specified colour chart and Fixed-Price Construction Agreement. 


7: Getting Started: Construction.  


The Construction Manager will arrange an introduction between you and the construction crew assigned to work in your home. 


8: What You Can Expect 


The site will be cleaned daily, the Construction Manager will perform site inspections on a regular basis and arrange ongoing customer meetings. 


9: Project Completion 


Each room in your home that has been affected by the renovation will be cleaned by a team of professionals. 


10: Customer Inspection 


One of the most exciting days during the renovation process happens when you do your final walk-through.