Top 20 Design Ideas for the Holidays. 

Deck your halls with inspired design. From colour palettes and themes to special furnishings and accessories, we are sure you’ll find what you’re looking for to keep your home merry, glowing and gorgeous. 

1. Treat Yourself to Texture. 

Mixing materials is the perfect way to imbue your home with a warm, comfortable atmosphere. Flex your creativity and decorate with faux natural materials like mushrooms, branches and wooden accents. 

2. Coordinate Colour. 

Streamline the decorating process and curate a colour palette that complements your vision. Commit to carrying it through and make sure the furniture and any new holiday items coordinate too. 

3. Wrap the Scene. 

Detail matter. Well-appointed, thoughtful gift wrapping can give your space a photogenic touch, adding seasonal cheer and festivity.  

4. Green Garland. 

Vibrant, lush garland would is surely in keeping with the holiday spirit, and it is versatile. You can drape it anywhere, over the mantle as a centrepiece or over a mirror as a subtle accent.   

5. Keep it Simple. 

You don’t have to go all out over the holidays if that isn’t in keeping with your style. A simple, textured wreath hanging over your door is statement enough, and it has plenty of visual appeal.    

6. The Minimal Mantle. 

In keeping with the idea of simplicity, your mantle doesn’t have to be awash with holly and plaid accents. Take the quieter road and deck your mantle with scarce leaves and dried wheatgrass. 

7. Up Is Down. 

Take your decorations to new heights and different levels by transforming your light fixtures. Invite floor-to-ceiling appeal inside by adding branches and floor fruit to your chandelier.  

8. A Grand Statement. 

You could keep it simple, or go all out. A grand entrance would bring the holiday’s spirit to all those lucky enough to come across it. Turn your entrance into a statement adorned with lush seasonal greenery.   

9. Flowers Everywhere. 

Turn away from traditional ornaments and add a string of flowers across your home. The choice of colour is yours, white for the chic, modern look or a kaleidoscope of colour for seasonal cheer.    

10. Gold and Glitter. 

Washing your home with gold and gilded accents will reimagine your space into a magical wonderland, giving off that special feeling that is only available over the holidays. 

11. Run with the Rainbow. 

If traditional green and red isn’t what you’re looking for this year, don’t worry. Add energy and electricity to your interiors with multicoloured ornaments sure to brighten up your home.    

12. Snowing Inside. 

What are the holidays without snow. Choose a garland woven with warm lights and white roses, matched with your white staircase and walls. 

13. Think Kitchen. 

Keep the fine china in your cabinets and instead select a festive assortment of dishware. Every meal eaten will be a welcome reminder of holiday cheer.    

14. The Finest Details. 

Let the décor flow into every corner of your home, from the kitchen to the entryway, from the bedrooms to the bathrooms. After all, the holidays don’t come around too often.    

15. Presents and More Presents. 

Show off your presents and their perfect wrapping by decorating different parts of your home with them. Instead of bundling them into a corner, you could line the staircase with them.    

16. A Holiday Shelf. 

Nothing deserves to be overlooked over the holidays, specially the potential of a seasonal shelf decorated with bowls of ornaments, cheerful accents and tabletop trees.   

17. Startling Sparkle. 

Take your outdoor lights to unexpected places by handing them around different landscaping features. Try them around birdbaths or around your yard.    

18. Be Quirky. 

Put a bit of your unique personality into the traditional decoration. Add a favourite piece or an unusual accent to your lighting or in different parts of your house.    

19. Light it Up. 

Wrap greenery and ornaments around string lights and bring shine to every space. Use different coloured lighting to really bring out the warmth and cheer of the season. 

20. Reuse the Memory. 

Bring back mementos from your favourite holiday and hang them up or decorate little spots with them. You could even get crafty with leftover bits and pieces, making custom wreaths with them.