Planning for A Spring Renovation

Thanksgiving is always a special time of the year. Families that might not have seen each other—sometimes life can get in the way—come together once again to catch up, share stories, accomplishments, ambitions. A feast is prepared, the dinner table is set, and the home gets itself ready to host. 

But given the occasion, Thanksgiving can sometimes be nerve-wracking; you might feel as if your home isn’t fit for the gathering, it may be too cramped, a little worn down, and this can lead to feelings of embarrassment or insecurity. While in all probability your family members don’t mind one bit, no one should have to feel as if their home is not all that it could be. We know that, and we can help. 

SmartReno is your first step to Unleashing Your Dream Home just in time for spring. As the season changes, and the world starts to once again bloom, your home can too. Join us for the all-new Unleash Your Dream Home webinar and learn exactly what you need to start your renovation with Georgian. 

Gain a detailed blueprint through every stage of your journey, from step one, to the renovation itself, to the moment you have your keys in hand. We’ll discuss the three most important questions that all home renovators have: how much, how long, and how will it look? You’ll also have the opportunity to walk through a main floor as we take you inside a Georgian whole floor renovation.

Register for the Unleash Your Dream Home webinar today and experience your home transformed into something you can fall in love with again.