Evolve Your Space With a Fireplace

Fireplaces are one of the most impactful types of home additions to evolve your space. Not only do they add a sense of warmth and cosiness to your space, they can also add value to your property. This notion is infinitely truer when the fireplace is implemented in larger spaces, such as the family room, living area or basement – i.e. rooms that benefit from an air of intimacy. Some modern homes have even included fireplaces in more unconventional settings. The kitchen pictured below included a fireplace as a dynamic piece of artwork, thus creating a natural focal point in the space.

Synonymous with finer homes, fireplaces add a distinct flare that is now recognized as a luxurious feature in most homes. Moving past the standard brick fireplaces, glass fireplaces are a modern twist on the timeless décor addition, now in more styles and materials than ever.

A fireplace has a unique ability to alter the entire energy of a room. Fireplaces in most open concept spaces can incite a feeling of grandeur and an aroma of elegance. They can also be used as a mantle or dynamic shelving to show off your favourite home accessories and centrepieces; particularly useful for the upcoming holidays.

While fireplaces are conventionally found in living areas of the home, most homeowners tend to overlook the value they can bring to other spaces of the home. Have you ever considered adding a fireplace to your bedroom? A fireplace in your master bedroom can create an intimate ambiance and an overall warm and cozy feel in your bedroom. Similarly, a bathroom fireplace could create a warm and inviting aroma, evolving your space into a spa-like sanctuary. Don’t look past putting a fireplace in your kitchen or your outdoor patio either. A fireplace can work as a conversational focal point for your family and friends and bring out the best of your space.

Warm up to the idea of a fireplace for the upcoming holiday season and beyond!