Design Advice

Styling With Stone

Stone is being used in interiors more and more and has become a very versatile design material. There are tons of ways to incorporate the look into your home, bringing a natural feel to any space. Here are just a few tips on incorporating stone as a material in your interior design plans.

Stone Spotlight
Great lighting can work wonders! Think about the ways light can intensify the naturally intricate texture of stone. This is something that typically works in any space.

Mix exposed stone with other materials and textiles like fur, cashmere, large pillows and more to counteract the rustic feeling it can create in a space. This is key to ensure your space has good balance.

Think about using warm colours in spaces that use stone. Yellows, oranges and reds can make a space feel more warm and inviting, which is important since stone can often give off a cold texture.

Stick with modesty when it comes to the stone aesthetic. You don’t need to cover each wall in your space with stone – or even one full one for that matter. The look is something that would be much too overwhelming for the vast majority of homes and rooms, so consider using it on one (or part of one) accent wall and designing around it. This will likely be the focal point of the space so carefully consider its positioning.

It’s imperative that you pick the right type of stone that works the best with your space so that it looks natural. In lofts and more modern or contemporary interiors, bricks and uniform stones work much better and play off the clean lines in the rest of the space. In rustic or country interiors, stone will further incite an outdoorsy and natural feel to the space.