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Designer Sit Down: Ashley Reekie

Welcome back to our Designer Sit Down series where we interview the Georgian design team so you can get to know more about their process, inspirations and general musings! In our second instalment, we spoke to Ashley Reekie, one of Georgian’s Designers. From the Art Institute of Vancouver, Ashley has 6 years of experience in the industry. In speaking with Ashley, she articulated some challenges about her craft and how her unique design style has been an excellent source of guidance for her clients.

How do you provide guidance to clients that are unsure about how to deign their space? 
Ashley: We start by talking about their lifestyle, how they live and the type of space that would be most conducive to their everyday living. Then we talk about finishes, durability and functionality vs aesthetics, what is more important to them.
We provide our clients with multiple options for their home, using their ideas and our expertise which helps them in the initial stage to start to understand what type of space they want and give them a visual of their dream home. A lot of homeowners live in homes that don’t match the way the live, and designers are trained to pick up on how the space needs to function and we can guide them to the right decisions for the space. 

How would you describe your design style?
Ashely: My design style is more transitional. I like clean lines and open spaces but also enjoy those small details that make a space unique. I prefer warmer greys and colors instead of a muted palette of greys and whites. That being said, a well-rounded design can adapt their own style to meet the needs of their clients whether it be extremely traditional to minimalist modern. 

What are some challenges you face as an interior designer?
Some challenges we face as designers in this industry is; we are expected to make fast turnaround – a lot of home owners are mis-informed about the time lines for a renovation, whether that be other contractors or TV shows. We get customers who expect the entire process starting from design to construction to take a month, it’s just not possible.
Designers need to be multi-skilled, not only having a keen eye for key design fundamentals but the ability to wear many hats so to say, we need to be technologically current, have good project management skills because you are never working on just one project, and strong people and presentation skills, to properly explain your design to a client who is unfamiliar with specific design phrases or lingo, you need to adapt. One big challenge is balancing a client’s wish list and their investment range. A Renovation in this market is higher than even 10 years ago. This is always a difficult conversation to have when rising market costs have homeowners spending more for less.

With an intense passion for design and a keen eye for detail, Ashley guides her clients into realizing their design goals and creating beautiful homes that reflect their unique lifestyles and tastes.
Our designers are the foundation at Georgian as they are committed to synthesizing good design with good business from conception to completion. Stay tuned on the Georgian blog for more upcoming interviews with our design team.