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Spice it up! Cooking with a Spice Kitchen

Sometimes the craftiest creations involve eccentric ingredients that can result in an unfavourable aroma. The resulting smell can emanate throughout your home and linger around. Have you ever walked into a home where fresh fish was just prepared? Have you seen the Seinfeld episode The Smelly Car? A smell has the ability to attach itself to you, your clothes and your furniture. Imagine the interior of your home smelling like the dinner you made a few nights ago! The solution: A spice kitchen.

Spice kitchens, or second kitchens, are practical, convenient and they’ll bring you peace of mind. Particularly meant for households that tend to cook culturally infused products, it is a secondary cooking space that seals in the chaos of cooking, while allowing for a more efficient clean up. They are often located close to the main kitchen, so that cooking and serving can be done with ease.

Spice kitchens are generally smaller, but they can include luxurious features like shaker doors and stainless appliances. The true difference between a spice kitchen and a main kitchen lies in its functionality. A spice kitchen will have excellent ventilation, sealing strong odours away from the rest of the home. They are used less as a gathering space and more as your own personal workshop. Fundamental cooking appliances are included while other unconventional appliances, such as a wok or deep fryer, can be implemented upon request. Your spice kitchen will have ample storage and pantry space with spacious countertops perfectly positioned to make prepping more efficient.

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