DIY Tips to Make Your Bathroom Feel More Like a Spa

Bathrooms are an essential element to every home, so why not make it your own? Your bathroom should be a sanitary sabbatical, where one should emerge rejuvenated and refreshed. The addition of a spa will both invigorate your home and yourself, while also cultivating calmness and wellness in your life. If a spa is not in your current renovation plans, there are a number of things you can implement to incite this feeling in your current space!

Candles have the ability to transform entire rooms, elevating them with warmth, both in temperature and feel. Particularly, scented candles have the innate ability to freshen the air throughout a room by leaving a pleasant scent. By including scented candles in your bathroom, the smells in the room can be likened to a sauna. The subtle charm and enchanting scents will invigorate the room, creating a warm and inviting spa-like aroma. 

The addition of small plants around the space will create the feeling of being amongst nature, making the room feel more natural and breathable. These spa-like properties aside, plants tend to add colour to any room, making it a bold and beautiful sanctuary. 

Upgrading your towels is a big step toward finalizing your spa-evoking bathroom. Simply rolling up bath towels on a countertop or rack will work to complete a spa-effect! Cotton towels with light colours are preferred. 

Wood Furnishing
Whether it’s as much as wood flooring or as little as a wooden side table, the presence of wood in your bathroom will give the space a spa-like appearance. Similar to plants, wood tends to emanate a natural feeling. This feeling is further emphasized with plants situated around.

Achieving a spa-like aroma in your current bathroom space involves harnessing a unique combination of colour, textures, and scents. Augment your space with these simple details to achieve your home spa!