New Poll Suggests the Top Renovation Projects for 2017

It’s no surprise that people are turning to home renovations instead of plunging back into the housing market. In a recent poll conducted by CIBC, 48 per cent of Canadian homeowners intend to repair or improve their home this year, up from 37 per cent in 2016.

Here are some of the top 3 planned home renovations for Canadian homeowners:

1. Maintenance – 48%
When you think of makeovers, addressing the natural wear and tear of your skin should come first and then makeup second. Giving your home a facelift should be thought of in the same vein and Canadians have it right. Timing is everything so consider initiating a complete maintenance renovation project. This saves you from the headache of not being able to utilize a space for a prolonged period of time, instead whatever is needed to be upgraded is done in the same timeframe.

2. Bathroom Renovations – 31%
Bathrooms are where you start and end your day and for some, spend most of their time so it’s natural that a third of Canadians would want to start here. Bathrooms should be a room of comfort so consider your lifestyle and who will be using it. Are you sharing with a partner? Consider two sink tops. Do you spend your time getting ready in the bathroom? Look into a vanity addition. Don’t forget about the powder room as you would want your guests to have the same experience!

3. Kitchen Renovations – 26%
Most say kitchens are the main deciding factor for them when deciding to purchase a home. If yours is not the kitchen you once fell in love with, then it would be time for an upgrade. A kitchen is a place of utility, presentation and should help cultivate bonds with family and friends. An island is a great area to entertain your guests over some wine and cheese. Your bottle opener shouldn’t be too far as kitchen cabinetry can be created around to whatever your organizational needs are.