Put A Little Love In Your Home

In a recent Toronto Life article, Jeanne Beker shared why it is time we all put a little love in our homes and Georgian Renovations is here to help. Beker recalls, “I can still remember the day I walked into my home and it just didn’t feel current anymore. That’s the day I realized that homes, like fashion, don’t remain in style. They need a little love once in a while, just like your wardrobe. The day I decided to take charge and renovate my home began one of the most creative times of my life. If you are (or were) like me, we’re all so busy living in our homes we don’t often take time to think about how it can express our sense of style.

If you are also feeling this way it is a clear sign it’s time to renovate your home! Home renovations are becoming increasingly popular. With families outgrowing their current living space, people have become less inclined to move and are choosing to stay put. Not only do we want to put a little love in your home but we also are here to assist you in putting your current home’s equity to work to transform your kitchen to one you’ve always dreamed of. Creating both a functional and stylish space for you and your family to enjoy for years to come is one of our specialities.

One of Jeanne’s favourite aspects of a Georgian Renovations, “At the end, you’ll find Georgian is as proud of their work as any fashion designer would be, because both create style that we love. When the work is done, they even stage your new space for photos and a video recording. Who doesn’t want a home that’s worthy of a magazine photo spread?”

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