Design Advice

2017 Renovation Trends

There is always room for improvement. Especially if it’s on something as important as your home. So here are some of the top renovation and home design trends to watch for this upcoming year.

1. Accessibility and Comfortability

Ease of access is at the top of the list for homeowners in 2017. People are wanting to stay in their homes longer, and comfortability is key. Smoother transitions from room to room, spacious showers, and ensuring you are making your future life easier. From curbless walk in showers, to the numerous appliances connected to your phone and hydraulic cabinets, ease of use in a home sits atop our list.

2. Smart Homes

To play right off ease of access, the Smart Home continue to makes waves in 2017. When renovating this year, keep in mind all the must have technology when making that renovation wish list. Clocks, speakers, lights, doors, cameras, windows, and even coffee can be controlled at our fingertips. This can be accessed in every room, from the smart appliances in the kitchen helping you cook that delicious meal, or even in the bedroom with smart clocks and pillows helping you sleep and wake up. We may not have flying cars, but we can be living in a world closer to that of the Jetsons.

3. Open Concept Kitchens with some Matte

The open concept kitchen opens the space for the chef to connect to the rest of the house. Open concept kitchens not only mean more communication and more space, but it also allows for more natural light to come into the room. This 2017, one of the top trends is comfortability, and what better way to be comfortable in the kitchen than talking over one gigantic island table in the middle of your kitchen. Adding on to the open kitchen, we will also see a huge trend in matte items all over the home. Matte, the yin to stainless steels yang, is the next big thing and is going to be popping up on faucets, sinks, and even counter tops. 2017 will definitely be the year of the matte finishes.

4. Attics

In such a tough real estate market and lack of space, renovation is a great solution. What better way to renovate than to renovate up. Literally. An attic is an often used as an oversized storage closet instead of the amazing space it can and should be used. Using every inch of your home is an important factor when renovating this year and your attic definitely has a ton of potential. They can be cozy, fun, or even an added family area. It’s a great space to get creative with and can really bring out some unique personalization.

5. Colour

Colour has always been a major component to designs and renovation. This year, the two most popular colours will be shades of green and blue. Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Greenery, or this years best colour to accentuate a room. Whether it’s an all white room with a single green plant, this colour will make a room pop. But to contrast the eye popping greenery, blue is also a colour to watch in 2017. Feeling blue doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. Instead it brings a calm feeling and the colour can highlight many parts of a room. Whether it’s a relaxing navy blue in your bedroom, or it’s bright green accessories in the living room, these colours are the ones to watch this Spring.