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Out With The Old And In With Georgian Renovations

Although some things get better with age, an aging house is no fine wine. Your home is an important part of your life and you deserve a home that is finely tuned to your suiting. After years of living in the same place, you notice all the things you never gave a second thought about before. The tiny creaks in the floor when people walk, the unnecessary wooden beams sticking out of your ceiling, or even the weirdly designed baseboards all along the walls. In this day and age more and more homeowners are realizing the importance of renovation and having a designer on your team. At Georgian Renovation, our acclaimed designers are there with you throughout the entire process to incorporate and reflect your design style while providing you with the latest interior design trends.

Whether you still have your grandma’s old bubble-gum pink tulip chair, or wall-to-wall purple carpets and a gigantic arched doorway, we take a look at some of the home trends from the past few decades that are in need of a Georgian Renovation.

70s: ‘I Will Survive’ – Shag Carpet

The 70s were filled with individuality and comfort taking form in the weirdest of shapes and colours. In the era of disco, came an emergence of loud in-your-face colours. We saw interior design using bold wallpaper prints and graphic floor tiles becoming the norm of every home. Avocado Green and Harvest Gold stood out in the assortment of colours popular with kitchen and bath collections. With an emphasis on single floor houses, 70s homes were focused primarily on the comfort of living. This was obvious with every inch of shag carpet ensuring your toes never touch the ground.

80s: McMansions need to ‘Beat It’

From the craze over needing a hot tub in your house, to the influence Miami Vice had on glass blocks and even the pastel pink and blue, the 80s definitely showed a feel for relaxation and privacy. 80s homes were a decade about being you and taking pride in that. Turning tiny living rooms into gigantic multipurpose rooms with the help of mirror walls and darkly painted hunter green walls to trick the eye. In an era of trying to get away from disco, we were left with pastel colours that made us feel like we were living in a piece of gum.

90s: No time to paint our white kitchen

Life suddenly became fast paced in the 90s. With kids raving at night and families so keenly interested in the nightly news, a main focus became keeping it simple. Thus became the white kitchen and brass fixtures. From brass handles, railings, sinks, and especially light fixtures, brass and white were suddenly the trend. Houses became all about minimalism and went away from the decades of colour before it.

00s: The Home Office

Technology exploded, the Internet, home offices with arched doorways, and Swedish furniture came to North America. With an emergence of people working from home, homes were being built with a home office predetermined. It was a time where organization and room to work became the norm. This was perfectly aided by the sleek clean-lined style that was no longer a 9-5 day, but rather merging the home and office into one.

Throughout these decades, homes have constantly gone through different phases and trends. Obviously there will be more trends in the future, but renovation is about personalization and making your house into the home you want and need.

As they always say, go big or go home, so why not do both.