Do You Stay or Do You Go?

We say stay! Your home is your getaway from the office. It is your private sanctuary for you to relax and sit back with your family and friends. A home contains all the loving and amazing memories, whether it is of you and your siblings growing up, or you raising children in it yourself. A house is not a home unless it contains everything you want and need in it. So that brings the question, why would you ever want to give it up. The solution Canadians have been leaning towards is home renovation.

Renovations have become one of the biggest trends in Canada. Since 2015, massive increases in money spent on renovations has boomed. Breaking the $70 billion barrier in the past two years alone, 2017 is expected to see consistent renovation spending. More and more families are looking not only into contractors but are beginning to understand the importance of having a designer on your team as we do here at Georgian Renovations.

Whether your home was built in the 70s, or even in the 00s, renovation can be for everybody. There are so many reasons for a person to consider renovating. Renovations are able to not only increase the value of your home and help reach a higher sale price, but they make your home worth staying for. Whether you’re looking to add some extra space with a home addition or want to update the flaws of your current home with a full home renovation, Georgian is here to help. Why leave a place filled with memories you can never recreate, a neighbourhood you can’t find anywhere else, and a location you love. Even if your kids are growing, moved out, or are even taking over, why start from scratch when you already have a place worth keeping. Stay put and let us renovate the home of your dreams.