Nicholas Haslam at the Toronto Interior Design Show

Nicholas Haslam

Nicholas Haslam has decorated the homes of the rich, famous and royal.

Ringo Starr, Mick Jagger and Charles and Diana, to name a few.

The English interior designer – best known for his lavish designs, imaginative rooms and insatiable curiousity about people – spoke at the Toronto Interior Design Show.

Here are a few of our favourite quotables from Globe Style Saturday:

On decorating:
“There is humour in decor. You need to find out how to make [your clients] smile. What makes them happy, what colours they like, what foods they like, etc. It’s very intimate.”

On bathrooms:
“I love avocado coloured bathrooms. I think they’re wonderful. Lets bring them back. Avocado plastic – it’s Heaven!”

On interior design in the 50’s and 60’s:
“In older days, we had to sort of invent. There were no schools for interior design. It was all industrial. Decorating a house was like doing a collection for Dior. It was all about invention.”

On his favourite design style:
“Gothic. It works everywhere, and in anything.”

On his philosophy:
“Rooms are made to make women look beautiful. To feel prettier and happier. That’s the point of interior design, fashion and life.”

On his favourite room:
“The greatest room in the world is the Austrian National Library, located in the Hofburg Palace in Vienna.”

On his best piece of advice:
“Be naughty.”